Let’s let the cat out of the bag, you probably came here expecting a text telling you how different we are from all our friends in the industry, but we don’t wan’t to tell you that.

We don’t need to.

Instead, we can tell you that Butter is founded on the desire to shake up the ol’ marketing tree. This was the will of Simon Frank & Simon Lennet, better known as Simon & Simon - the unholy culture kings of Copenhagen. They flipped the whole shebang on it’s head and birthed this very agency and here we are.

With a bit of madness, an eternal burning flame of curiosity and what we boldly believe to be the strongest network of creatives any agency can muster, we are building brands and products with an array of provocative ideas, breathtaking stories and daring execution. By doing this we are creating longlasting meaningful relationships with users, true value.

We are not different, but different. That’s what it’s all about here at Butter Agency.