The mission

To get the Danish youth to reconsider their drinking habits (Something that’s been tried many times, with not much to show for it).

Our execution

To begin with: Do not tell our ad-allergic, Gen-Z, youth not to drink – they don’t listen. Don’t teach them about the risks of drinking – they already know, and don’t care.

Together with Alkoholpartnerskabet, we created – FASTLAND – an online fictional series made with them and for them, and without moralising one bit. It portrayed an unfiltered look into our Danish youth culture around and under the influence of alcohol – sparking an honest debate between them, about their own experiences, in their own words.

Afterwards, we teamed up with local schools and influencers to create, what came to be, ‘FASTLAND School Tour’. The debate was now brought local, in a nation wide fashion.

The learnings

An immense media coverage from the Danish press, including a segment in Go’ Morgen Danmark – DKs highest rated morning show – and two reviews in Berlingske Tidende and Politiken, comparing FASTLAND to what is normally expected from Netflix, both in production and entertainment value.

More importantly, the Danish youth watched and loved it, and we honestly hope, that they’ll continue to debate their drinking habits openly and unfiltered.

  • More than 500.000 organic views

  • More than 85% of the target group found FASTLAND to be relevant

  • More than 62% of the target group felt a direct correlation between their thoughts about alcohol and FASTLAND, after watching the series