an extraordinary match

An Extraordinary Match

The mission

We were already gifted a unique partnership between one of the best champagnes, Krug, and one of the best chefs, Noma’s Torsten Vildgaard – all we had to do was to showcase how the pairing could play together.  

Our execution

Instead of doing a boring “profile piece” about a michelin star chef who talks about the importance of pairing great food with champagne, we wanted to show it. So we created a symphony:

An Extraordinary Match was an aesthetic and modern perspective on what music, food and champagne could achieve together – a symphony of senses. The video was linked to a microsite from where you could dive deeper into the project, buy a special made New Year’s menu directly orchestrated by the Michelin Star chef, Torsten Vildgaard, as well as download a New Year’s eve music mix for your own dinner. All of it reflecting the exclusivity and poise of a world-class brand and product.

The learnings

The best performing video on Krug’s FB, ever.

+1.500.000 social reaches

+700.00 DKK in PR Value

With An Extraordinary Match, we created a new type of content – more bold and beautiful.