I AM Vodka

doom room

The mission

Prove that a night out with I AM VODKA is the craziest night out ever.

Prove it to an exclusive group of mavericks who have seen everything before, many times.

The catch is, they don’t even know I AM VODKA exists.

Our execution

Imagine this: an oracle welcomes you, blindfolds you, and when you open your eyes, you got a bloody heart in your hands, you realize, you’re not yourself anymore, you’re a hunter who just killed a deer. Your realitis continue to change, now you’re dead, now you’re reborn…  In the end you find yourself at an ‘afterlife party’ at Denmark’s most fashionable nightclub, Chateau Motel – ’you’, and a 1000 others, have disappeared into oblivion.

The experience was a mix of Virtual Reality, I AM Vodka, acting, reality, and something even more real than real.

The learnings

We had 40 sold out exhibitions with paying guests. The experience became the talk of the town. The mavericks who were lucky enough to get in, got an experience of a nighttime. Everyone else, wished they’d been there. We got rave reviews for newspapers, lucky enough to get in: Information, Politiken and Weekendavisen.

“Doom Room is a sensuous and surreal experience that leaves you with food for thought.”

To us, Doom Room proved two things: Rather than trying to do something for everybody, do something truly amazing for the few. And also, If you go the extra mile, they remember.