I AM Vodka

doom room

How do you show a target group what your brand is all about, in the most creative and immersive way possible? That was the question we set out to answer for I AM Vodka. The solution became a multi-dimensional journey, which combined a 10-minute VR video, a theatrical journey through Copenhagen’s most exclusive nightclub; Chateau Motel and an “afterlife-party”.  But what really happened?

“The oracle welcomes the audience and performs a communion. One at a time a blindfolded audience of six enters a room.

Here they embody a hunter with a bloody heart in his hand. They go through a spectrum of emotions and spaces that all try to make their heart beat.

By traveling through these constructed realities of hyper sensuality and suspension, they find themselves searching for meaning, which in the end will resolve in their realization that they themselves are physically present in the only narrative available - their own.”

The installation is, among others, recommended by Information, Politiken, Teater1 and the Danish culture blog Kulturshot, which gives it 6 out of 6 shots and adds:

“Doom Room is a sensuous and surreal experience that leaves you with food for thought.”