I AM Vodka

an extraordinary match

The price of being me 

The mission

To establish I AM Vodka on the Danish market as a challenger to premium brands like Belvedere and Grey Goose.

Our execution

With I AM Vodka, we didn’t want to tell a story about being premium – premium, like perfection, is just a lie, an impossible-to-achieve retouched Instagram picture. Instead, we set out to tell a story about real people, with real problems.

‘The Price of Being Me’ campaign became an ode to the outcasts of the world, the truly inspirational people we genuinely support.

Imagine being trapped in a prison for life. Imagine it’s a prison of hair, flesh and bones. Mark Estephen was the prisoner, Sabel Gonzales, the jail-breaker. Furthermore we created stories, a microsite and content to last, cementing the notion about what I AM Vodka actually stood for – Honesty to be yourself.

The learnings

When you challenge an established category from a fresh, new angle, you get a voice, and you’ll get people listening. I AM Vodka did all of that while telling purposeful stories.

The campaign went viral, with 13 million media impressions – real stories cater to real people.