I AM Vodka

an extraordinary match

The price of being me 

In an effort to establish I AM Vodka as a top-of-mind brand among creatives and influencers in general, we wanted to tell a strong story that not only embodied the brand purpose of I AM Vodka, but also captivated the hearts of the target group.

Sabel Gonzales became the face and soul of the brand, as we launched a campaign, which aim was to tell real stories about real people. I AM Vodka is a premium brand of vodka, unfortunately “premium” in many cases means selling the audience a polished, impossible-to-achieve version of life. We set out to change that with I AM Vodka.
The goal of putting I AM Vodka on the map on the Danish market and challenge the established players outside of their turf was achieved - we even managed to tell a story that actually mattered.