Branding Campaign - Malika

In order to gain the attention of the younger generation and attract new loyal readers, we helped Politiken build a stronger brand position towards young people under 30. Most importantly we wanted to emphasize to this audience that Politiken not only understands but cares about the current challenges that young people face.

This is a generation that has successfully managed to stir up inherent structures and norms in a pursuit of a better world. Politiken wants to support this movement of young changemakers. That is the core idea of our new branding strategy.

In the campaign film, viewers are completely immersed in the colorful world of DJ Malika Mahmoud, in prosperity and adversity and most importantly - change making.

The portrait of Malika Mahmoud marks the launch of “Frontløberne” as the first splash of a extensive branding effort for Politiken in 2022.