World’s worst dress


Each year, *2.1 billion tons of C02 choke our world*, due to fast fashion. What if Tise, the secondhand platform, could highlight the ugly truth of fast fashion in one piece? The World's Worst Dress - a dress upcycled from the fabric of the most polluting fast fashion brands; revealing the true price of overconsumption. Made from fast fashion pieces from the Tise app, designed by The Copenhagen brand, Sabot and released during CPFWH. The dress was put for sale for a price the audience understood: 2.1 billion DKK,-

Already within the first week of release, both prominent Danish politicians and international fashion magazines rallied behind the cause and dress.

When people went to buy it, we sent them to a donation site, supporting improved life for garment workers of the fast fashion industry. Turning The World’s Worst Dress into The World's Best dress.

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