Visual Identity & Fish Labelling Scheme

The task was to establish a new certification within fish products, where the fish are caught using methods that are gentle on the fish and marine environment. The goal was to make it easier for both BtC and BtB segments to choose sustainably caught fish.

Butter did the initial research, market and target group analysis, qualitative studies and communication strategy. With in-depth insights about consumer behavior, the market, and current consumer priorities, we developed both the name 'NaturSkånsom' and the label design for the new certification. Using subtle references to shoal of fish, imprints (on the seabed), and the fisherman's eye, we created a recognizable label in a complex industry.

The project was initially launched by the Association for Sustainable Coastal Fishing PO, but our work was handed over to the Ministry of Environment and Food (MFVM) as it became part of the national budget. We continued the work in dialogue with MFVM and implemented, among other things, the wellknown crown (i.e. state-controlled).

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