Skal du være helt belæst?

Branding Campaign

69% of young people use social media as their primary news source.

As a result Politiken was in need of a stronger brand positioning with the under 30’s. The first campaign with Politiken revolved around one simple goal; to show Politiken, not just a news media, but as a media outlet with roots and insights from within the young target audience with their own voices, of their own perspectives, points of interest and opinions. 

The campaign was based around personal analog photos provided by the young audience themselves, curated to portray their life and everything it entails. To assert Politiken as a versatile media that understands the current multifaceted society, we created a copy showcasing that Politiken covers everything from »NFT to LSD to LTF (i.e a local criminal gang)« and »Shellfish to Shell Jackets«.

Showing through hyperlocal outdoor placements, with customized site-specific copies - whether it was a neighborhood high street or the metro station - that Politiken understands the target audience, everywhere, always.

      • 53,8 % growth in young (Under30) subscribers during the run of the campaign.
      • 60 % increase in daily young readers during the campaign period.
      • 35 % of the target audience stated that Politiken was the most memorable media outlet during the run of the campaign.
      • The desired amount of new subscriptions was reached by 102,5 % during the campaign.
      • 1/3 labeled the campaign “very good” and was of the opinion that it positively affected their perception of the Politiken brand on all parameters.

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